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Who are we


Help students can obtain more experience in leadership, hands on experience, and collaborations within a team.

With the efforts of combining all majors, students benefit from one another's talents beyond the arts, just like in real-world collaborations, in a welcoming and fun space that is open to diversity and inclusion:

  • Film majors making music or dance videos for music, acting, and dance students. 

  • Music and arts majors composing music and create animations for the film students

  • Acting majors could gain screen acting experience for films and art animations.

  • Dance majors can collaborating with music and art students to create choreographed dance.


PAMFAD is a club that networks and provides outlets in order for students to branch out and explore options regarding their professions or hobbies.

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Join us.

PAMFAD is open to all University of Arizona students, no matter their academic discipline, artistic skill level, or age, as long as you're ready to collaborate on some amazing creative projects.

Musicians + Filmmakers: Film scores

Filmmakers + musicians: Music videos

Artists + PAMFAD members: Feedback

Actors + Designers: Portfolio design

Dancers + Musicians: Custom beats

... the possibilities are endless


 An officially-recognized and sponsored student organization 

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